Tuesday 24 December 2013

Happy Christmas Lovelies

Only one more sleep (thank goodness). Here are our little elves doing last min prep for Christmas. Love you all near and far, have a lovely day tomorrow.

Wednesday 18 December 2013

The Cat Is Almost In The Hat

I am so close to finishing all Christmas prep. Please let the day be as beautiful as this one because I want to set a huge table in the shade of the big tree for Christmas lunch. I mowed the lawn and tidied the garden and finished off Kian's stocking. One more day of work and all productivity stops for a while.

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Slightly Underwhelming Festive Bunting And A Christmas Stocking

I managed to do the bunting to match the oil cloth, but it turned out a bit dull against the gutter colour. However I am pleased with Leith's Christmas stocking. I was going to do twelve (one for each family member, including adults) but like with almost everything this year, I have had to adjust my expectations and so I decided to do only the kids stockings. Life is long and there will be time for the others next year.

Monday 16 December 2013

Mexican Love

The Mexicans sure do know how to make a place festive (whatever time of the year). I popped into a little shop that was selling Mexican oilcloth this morning and decided to cover our outside table with it. The table has been taking strain with all of the rain so this was a great solution and such an easy way to give it a face-lift. With the tiny bit left over I think I will make some bunting to match.

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Neon Reindeer

A couple of months ago I bought a cardboard stag head from TYPO, thinking maybe it would suffice as a Christmas tree of sorts. Hang a few ornaments from the horns, pack the pressies underneath sort of thing. However when my mum and dad gave us their tree, I decided to spray him neon orange and have him at our front door instead of a wreath (they remind me of death). I bought a cheap Merry Christmas sign, which I also sprayed orange. What do you think?

Sunday 8 December 2013

Our Tree

My mum and dad decided that now that we are in Aus they would downscale their Christmas activities and help us to upscale ours, so they bought themselves a tiny tree and donated their big one with all the decorations to us. I cant tell you how thrilled I was because they have decorations dating back to the 1940's among their collection. We added a few of our own (but we did not have many as in SA we always celebrated Christmas at our seaside holiday home). There was a string of lights from the 1940's which finally died this year but Darren has promised to convert them to LED lights so they can live on, however I think that may take a while (more of that when it is done). Ta-Da

A few of the vintage beauties
Some rabbits
One of my Biccie decorations and my favourite ornament from when I was a kid
Leith and Kian's new decorations from Typo
My absolute best: a blown glass clip on mushroom from the 1940's


I have spent the last few days focusing on Christmas in the hope that by the time we get there, there will be very little to do. On Friday I wrapped like crazy. I love the wrapping paper I picked up at Typo, especially the neon pink cross stitch wonder.

Eloise came over to help decorate the tree yesterday and I bought the three little ones tiny pressies in the form of their very own decorations, and crackers to get into the fun (middle pic).