Sunday 8 December 2013

Our Tree

My mum and dad decided that now that we are in Aus they would downscale their Christmas activities and help us to upscale ours, so they bought themselves a tiny tree and donated their big one with all the decorations to us. I cant tell you how thrilled I was because they have decorations dating back to the 1940's among their collection. We added a few of our own (but we did not have many as in SA we always celebrated Christmas at our seaside holiday home). There was a string of lights from the 1940's which finally died this year but Darren has promised to convert them to LED lights so they can live on, however I think that may take a while (more of that when it is done). Ta-Da

A few of the vintage beauties
Some rabbits
One of my Biccie decorations and my favourite ornament from when I was a kid
Leith and Kian's new decorations from Typo
My absolute best: a blown glass clip on mushroom from the 1940's


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