PRODUCTS: Accessories

ONCE offers a range of accessories detailed below. All products are handmade by the designer. All products are made in Melbourne, Australia. I have a few stockists, however, for individual orders or wholesale prices please email me.


The brooches are molded from original sculptures or from a combination of found vintage objects. The Love Heart Brooches and the Biscuit Brooches they are molded from the real thing. They are all cast in a material called Jesmonite which is an eco-friendly, resin / plaster composite. They are all hand-coloured and have fastening devices set into the back.


These small bags (32cm across / 42cm deep) are made from vintage ties and found fabric. They are fully lined. Each bag is totally unique. I have named the individual bags for ease of reference.

Catherine and Jess
Christine and Frances
Rike and Penelope
Samantha and Audrey

The clips are made using Jesmonite casts of found objects which are then glued with industrial strength epoxy to the clip base.


The pinafores are made from hand silk-screened 100% cotton and fit girls between ages 3-4yrs old. There is a hidden box pleat under the arm for flexibility of movement.

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