Sunday 28 October 2012

Xmas Shopping 1

Sam and I went to the "Maul" today to begin our Xmas shopping. It was the last Saturday of the month and so was pretty hellish but we had fun all the same. I found some great little things. I am trying to keep pressies under R100 this year as we are just too poor to be extravagant. Generally hand made gifts are best but I couldn't resist these items:
We found some great stick on lacy gel nails from Dis Chem for R30 and these Barbie glitter nail files from Woolies for R30
Also from Dis Chem I bought these "Art Deco" nail polishes with a fine brush for detailed work on nails. They were R30 a bottle. I tried it out on the boys who would not sit still for either the painting or the photographs. Fun to have candy stripes on ones toes tho!
Sam found these great lacquered wooden hangers in candy colours from Boardmans for R50 a pack of five.  They are beautiful for those with open hanging spaces.

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