Friday 7 December 2012

Younger and More Fun

With all the adult stress of relocating our little family, I have been thinking of a time when I was younger and more carefree. When I was at varsity my friend Penny and I would wear silly beaded bangles and funny brooches all the time. You could say the aesthetic bordered on "Hippy". It was just the aesthetic mind you, I have always been far to full of angst and worry to fit the carefree mentality of the hippy lifestyle.  Really my temperament was far closer to those of the "Goth" kids - but all that really heavy eye makeup ... sigh. I digress. Yesterday when I was out in the big world I saw these little coloured bracelets in Mr Price and I was immediately drawn back 15 years. Today I am wearing them and the little brooch Penny made me to remind myself that life is light.


  1. Oh yes, let us not forget about lightness my beautiful girl. I too will join you my lovely for the heaviness hear at times is unbearable x

    1. bad spelling, I meant here, not hear ;o)