Thursday 26 September 2013

Dear Durban Weather...

I am so sorry that I took you for granted, everyday you woke the sun up, calmed the wind down and let us run around bare foot....

What is it about our species that we don't appreciate things until they are gone?

I am not really complaining because Melbourne spring is trying hard (today could use some work though). We have had some glorious days of late and I have been working in the garden. I am a bit of a reluctant gardener and so try to make gardens that are pretty low maintenance. It was with this in mind that I laid pebbles over the mulch in the back yard beds to discourage weeds, to keep the moisture in and make leaf blowing easier.

Here are some pics of our back yard.

The little bulbs that were pushing through at the end of winter turned out to be blue bells. 

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