Thursday 3 October 2013

Growing to Love Grey

Everything goes with the grey of raw concrete don't you think?  Especially pink! This is a pic of a pink version of my little dolly wall plaque. It is cast from a plastic figurine which is used by the Youruba people of North Africa for fertility and protection of babas. Originally these little fertility symbols were carved from wood, but this little girl displays the colonial influence in Africa and may originally have been an English porcelain dolly.

And then yesterday my sweet Mum gave me this lovely orchid from her garden for my little grey vase, and yellow and grey seem to be pretty good friends too.

It is a good thing we all like grey because the weather doesn't seem to be able to muster anything but.


  1. Yes to industrial grey. Still dreaming of lofty living I am. I loved your Pinterest board Bron. I used to have one then deleted tit about 18 months/2 years ago as there was the whole "ownership" scare etc. I did recreate one but always forget to go on and pin beautiful things. You have a collection of mighty fine goods my lovely. The knitting/crochet ones are heavenly...maybe a wee bit out of my beginner league :o) but I will go back to adding to my board again. Did you create the yarn board for me to add too? Not sure how that works?

  2. Grey is my favourite neutral.