Tuesday 8 October 2013

Indecisive Trees, Train Trips with the Pook and Tim Minchin's Guilty Pleasures

These are the things that I have liked in the past few days.

1) There is a pear tree in my garden that is hedging its bets on spring. Only half of it is going for it, the other half is lurking around going "well, um, maybe".

2) I took Kian on the train to meet Dad and "Brudder" at the Camberwell Market on Sunday. He was really looking forward to it, as you can see in the pic he was thrilled... for the first few stops, then things descended into whining and for the next 20 stops or so he asked if this was our stop, moaned that he was thirsty and generally jumped and fiddled around restlessly.

3) I love Tim Minchin. If he didn't threaten to give his wife away all the time I would apply for the job. Here is a great clip on "Guilty Pleasures" (If you dig political correctness I don't think you should watch any of his stuff).


  1. Just found your blog...a breath of fresh air. Best wishes from Eco Ethel xx

  2. Thanks Ethel, I am not often called a breath of fresh air. I like it!