Friday 31 May 2013

What A Whimsical World

I woke up, having been promised rain, to the most glorious sunny day. I then found these beautiful images on the internet and this little man hiding under our eaves. Today is a good day!

The first pics are by 14 year old photographer Fiddle Oak (Zev). How marvelous! Many of the images are a collaboration with Zev’s 18-year-old sister Nellie who helps with concepts and setup but all of the shooting and editing is done by Zev who is also frequently the subject of his own work.

Then there is Moscow-born Leonid Tishkov, who has been travelling the world creating installations with an artificially illuminated crescent moon for a project about unity and loneliness.

Lastly - our little guy does not normal sleep here, but had a run in with the heffa-possum last night so hid here for safety (and photo ops). 

You can tell  that he is not fond of day light

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