Tuesday 30 July 2013


I think we don't say it enough! So here goes: the things I love about my boys this week.

Kooky Kian for the things he says out of the blue like:
  1. Kian: "Shew mummy I am glad there is not a real live elephant in the car with us or we would be in big trouble" 
  2. Kian: "I had a bad dream. It came out of my eye in two drops of water. It was about a bad man and a good man and the bad man cut the good man." Me: "Oh dear darling. What happened in the end? Was the good man OK?" Kian: "Sometimes there are no endings mummy."
  3. Kian (leopard crawling around the house shout / singing): "macaroni cheese, macaroni cheese, MACARONI CHEESE"
Lovely Leith for the beautiful patterns he finds everywhere around him - in numbers, letters, words and colours. And generally for his brilliant mind. Also for saying he will always want a cuddle from me even when he is a teenager (even though I know he wont).

Darling Darren for being a constant and delightful surprise. Yesterday I drove down the coast with the sun-she-shine on my face and Darren's mix tape (for his morning school runs) playing and was thrilled by his nostalgia, his unconventionality and his sheer joy in song choice. 

And now for some delightful image / words I have found on Pinterest. 

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