Wednesday 31 July 2013

Status Anxiety

I am now officially stocking both the Mornington Page 8 and the Hampton one. Rosie and Johnnie own these beautiful shops. They have exquisite taste in books and gifts and seem like such nice people.

I took a drive down to the Hampton shop on Monday to deliver some stock. There I had such a lovely chat with Rosie and bought myself a new wallet by a bunch called Status Anxiety. We talked about the great Alain De Botton book by the same name. In the book De Botton deconstructs notions of Status Anxiety - his insights are interesting and really make the reader examine this concept. Darren and I have been doing it a lot lately, mostly due to necessity, but also because the more we deconstruct it and the more honest we are with ourselves about what REALLY makes us happy, the more we realize what a crock of shite it is.

I love that the wallet has the words Status Anxiety embossed into it. Every time I spend money it will remind me that stuff is just stuff and can become clutter.