Monday 15 July 2013

School Holidays!

I find it really difficult to keep up with everything in the school holidays, so there has been a little gap in posts. My up-coming exhibition is galloping towards me at a furious rate and the little ones have been ever so around with the holidays, but today they are back at school - exhale. We did do some fun things and got out and about as much as we could. Our first little trip was to Portsea, which is on one end of our peninsula. We visited this amazing quarantine station (which I think would make a great get-away / pony hospital for fatigued mothers). It was the first quarantine stop for arriving sailors and then became an army station of sorts.

What a beautiful coastline this is.
Our next outing was to Flinders where the crazy boys decided to swim in the sub-zero sea.

Darren, just loving the family trips out!
The holiday was punctuated with great play-dates with friends and cousins.

This weekend we were house sitting for my cousin while she was in Tasmania. Her home is west of Melbourne, so we thought we would explore that side of the territory. We took a trip up to Dalesford and Ballarat, both so beautiful and full of interesting shops and antique markets (the Mill Markets in particular were gob-smacking).

Dalesford town center
Lark - my favourite shop ever!
We stumbled across two Mill Markets, but there may be more. One was just outside of Dalesford and the other just outside of Ballarat. They are huge warehouses filled with vintage treasures. 

On the way to these amazing towns we stopped to check out the place Darren is going for alternative photography courses. It was so beautiful in the mist.

All in all quite a remarkable rambling holiday was had by all.


  1. These look the best of times for you all Bronwen, Dalesford looks lovely and what a treasure of Mill Markets to pootle about in. I follow Foxs Lane and House of Humble who live near Dalesford and they often mention the gorgeousness of these areas.

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