Monday 11 February 2013

I Heart Illustration

I don't love all illustration. Some illustrators are terrible, but not these guys. I found all three articles on Brainpickings. Firstly this cool little project that involved top illustrators and artists designing paper planes.

Lisa Congdon's version of a paper glider.
Micheal C Hsiung's design.
Next are two dedications to two wonderful illustrators who have died recently. Maurice Sendak (my hero) and  Yan Nascimbene.

This is one of Sendak's unreleased prints entitled " Queen of the Night"
Isn't this illustration by Yan Nascimbene just beautiful? It reminds me on the moon on the bay near where we live.

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  1. Such a gorgeous illustration by Yan Nascimbene. I've gone looking for more. Such a treat!