Wednesday 6 February 2013

Shadow People

Darren and I feel a bit like shadow people. We are here, we must be because we cast a shadow, but in many ways we are not real people. Emotionally we have no history (and I am starting to realise just how much our histories define us). Practically we have no paper trail and no credit ratings so it's difficult to make the structures take us seriously. Also, all we have been doing for the last six months is immigrating, the business of packing up and closing down, then unpacking and starting up is a full time admin job. Neither of us has worked at what we love for ages. All in all it leaves me feeling a little hollow yet strangely free. I am trying to see the magic in re-invention and exploration but at times I do get dragged down by our lack of physical and historical status. To the shadows!

The shadows lurking in my mum's back yard
Trying to hold onto the magic

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