Monday 18 February 2013

The Rose Street Market - Neil Thomas

One of my favourite makers at the Rose Street Market was Neil Thomas. He makes really beautiful things like teeny tiny artworks in tins, badges and jewelry. His display and craftsmanship is superb and when I chatted to him, he seemed like a really nice person as well. Please go and browse around his site and blog.

This last one reminds me a little of my paintings, these two in particular.

Due to the inclusion of model railway figures Neil Thomas' work also reminds me of South African artist Luan Nel's early pieces.

In addition to the teeny, tin delights Neil Thomas also makes great little badges.


  1. Hi Bronwyn, this whole post you've done on rosé street is so generous and smart and just wonderful. Thanks for taking so much time and care. We really appreciate it. Hope to see you again soon.
    Cheers neil

  2. Such a pleasure Neil. I just loved the place and your work in particular.