Saturday 16 February 2013

SHOP. Till We Drop

Well we have been, but not in the conventional sense. It has taken us ages to post the first few items on our ONCE SHOP. We have been grappling with the template-shop we are using (as we are not rich enough to have a custom built shop just yet). OMG, just like with the forms and the rental agencies and the other bureaucratic departments we have been dealing with, the phrase "Surely we aren't the only people who want to be able to ..." occurs far too often. We are just not that extraordinary that the kinds of things we are wanting to do can be that rare!

Anyway, we have it up. I have been doing the dog-work loading images and text and Darren, bless him, has been making sure that one can actually buy something from our shop. There will be teething problems I am sure, but there is a contact us button if you want to email us and yell at us about the thing that is not working.
Here is one of the categories (Handmade Wall Plaques) we have loaded thus far. This is only the tip of our stock iceberg, but we will have to move house next week so I doubt that we will have time to load more items for a while. Please let us know what you think of the shop, we would welcome any feedback. Try out the searching by colour function.

Nursery Wall Plaques
Swallow Wall Plaques
Small Wall Plaques
Shaped Wall Plaques


  1. You've both done a sterling job! It's a beautiful beginning, congrats. Can I ask if you are posting world wide?

    1. Thanks so much Pen. Generally we are targeting Australia, but only because international postage here costs an arm and a leg and buyers might not feel the postage costs justify having the item. Also there are standard rates / kg across the whole country so the little store interface can calculate postage for us and add it to the item cost without any need for us to get specific rates. That said, we will ship anywhere to anyone who wants to buy, however we would need a day to get specific parcel rates to international customers. When I load my little brooches and cushion covers, international postage might be viable for the buyer as they are so very light.