Tuesday 4 June 2013

Letters From The Girl With Tattoos

I got a lovely little parcel today. It was from my wonderful friend Sam and it contained washi tape with birds on a wire. When I left SA Sam got a "birds on a wire" tattoo (couldn't find the picture she sent me, but it was beautiful). It got me thinking about inking. I have started a pinterest board "If I Got A Tattoo". Here are some tattoos I love.

My morning surprise
I love these two, particularly the subtlety of the one on the left  
These are great although I might run the risk of looking like one of my paintings
How pretty is the one on the right? And Mr Vonnegut's words are my favourite. This is what Wanda June said when she was run over by an ice-cream truck on her birthday!
Love the brown and the placement. I am thinking of "be kind" something I forget so often in the daily rush of things. 

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