Tuesday 11 June 2013

The Queen's Birthday

Isn't it weird that Australia still has a public holiday to celebrate the queen's birthday? Well they do, and it was yesterday. The whole weekend was a delight of sunny skies, friends and family.

Our little queen
We had my marvelous cousin Cindy-Lee and her family over for lunch on Sunday, and we took the boys to the Boneo Maze yesterday. What a lovely place! The many mazes are set in a gorgeous wetland park with large scale board games, great picnic spots and a lovely little miniature golf range. I would love winter here if the skies were always this blue.

Kian shouted  "Brudder" all the way through this maze, not the peaceful spiritual journey that a maze is supposed to be at all

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  1. Darren, It's good to note your talents for all things Scottish (i.e Whiskey and Golf)! Are you the Caddy or the Pro?