Monday 24 June 2013

Sweetwater Creek

The winter weather here has been marvelous. Sunny and nippy I can do. On Saturday morning we packed up a picnic and went over to my mum and dad's place. At the end of their street is one of the entrances to the Sweetwater Creek Nature Reserve. It is a wonderful series of boardwalks that run alongside the river to the sea. It is about a 2km walk to the sea, so we set off. My mum was a little worried that Kian would get tired - ha ha he ran ahead and then back to us and up and down and around about. I think he must have covered 6 kms to our 2 and was still keen to go to the playground when we reached the beach. Grandpa Bob who is 76 and Kian who is 4 are definitely the fittest of us all. Leith and Grandpa Bob did the return journey too, the rest of us drove home thanks to Darren's foresight to park one car at the beach end. What a great little outing it was.

The start and the end
The middle.

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