Wednesday 20 November 2013

Making a Home From a Rented House (Part 1)

These are the words to a lovely little song I have on one of my mixed tapes. It is what we have tried to do since we have got to Aus. Here are a few of my favourite bits and bobs from around our home. I will start with my best room which is the dining room come playroom.

The wonderful wall tattoo was a gift from my greatly talented friend, Kim Longhurst and the enamel dresser and bowl were exciting finds at my friend Kirsty Machen's shop MINT.

This book case houses some of my best vintage finds / gifts ever. Firstly there is the v old tin doll house which I found in pieces in the corner of an RSPCA shop. Then there is my Fisher Price music box collection from the 1960's and 1970's. I had some of the same toys when I was a kid and both my boys have played with them. The wind up mechanisms were virtually indestructible. The books are mostly my Dent Dutton collection of classic children's books, they are all cloth bound and date from the 1940's to 1960's.

The beautiful old scale was a gift from our lovely friend Alistair and the kitchen unit was a gift to me from Darren for one of my birthdays. I think we spent about $40 on it in a small town in the Eastern Cape SA. It is filled with great enamel ware mostly purchased from MINT.

I made this little Bokkie wall plaque a while back and she hangs on one of the doors leading off the dining room.

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