Wednesday 20 November 2013

Making a Home Out Of A Rented House (Part 3)

The boys rooms are wonderful sunny rooms in our teeny house.

Above are pics of Kikki's room. We have used little wooden cubes to house his books and toys as they are much more his height than fullsize bookcases. The bed shows his prized Miffy toy his Grandpa Terry brought home from one of his trips abroad and the little quilt I made him a while back. The last pic is of two of the board game pieces he has on his walls.

Leith's bed also shows the quilt I made for him and his prize soft toy is Polar Bear (who is almost 40 years old) and was Darren's soft toy when he was a lad. Leith has organised his Lego very precisely on his bookshelf and on his walls you can see the beautiful enamel Tintin pieces that Darren's Mum and Dad brought back from Vietnam for him.

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