Tuesday 19 November 2013

My Day - Part 4

OK so Monday was a struggle. I am trying to work in the coat. I started off trying to put in the tone and thought I would do the tweed like texture afterwards, but that didn't work out so I did the texture first instead. That took all day. Today I thought it would be dry enough to work in the tone, but it was not, so I refined the face a bit. Late this afternoon the top of the jacket was dry enough to start working in the tone.

As it was on Friday - As it is at the end of today
I am not sure small pics like this are showing up the changes any more. There is actually subtle colour in the face now and the jacket has more texture in real life. I will finish it off and show you the results at the end of the week. Hopefully Darren can be convinced to take a good photograph for me.

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