Friday 15 November 2013

My Day - Part 3

It has taken me all day to get the first layer of oil paint onto her face. This is always so stressful, but it is done. On Monday I will try to get the rest of her done to first coat and then the glazing and real detail begins. So far this portrait has taken me a week.

The work as it was this morning - The work as it is this afternoon
Other random news about my week: I bought some super cool red shoes dirt cheap at a charity shop. They will go really well the the beautiful top Darren bought me a while back.

Have a happy weekend my friends. Here is a pic of our wonderful neighbour on the other side's spring hedge. Don't be fooled by the loveliness, there is no spring in Melbourne, just a protracted winter. Sigh.


  1. It is amazing to see the transformation from one stage to another, you are just so talented.


  2. Wow, Bronwen. Absolutely amazing to watch the process, thank you.