Friday 16 November 2012

Ants In My Pants And Bees In My Bonnet

I have just not been able to sit still and concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time lately. Painting is like pulling teeth and so I decided to get out this morning and go a-wandering.

Because I am an addicted treasure hunter I went past all of my favorite charity shops. The best of all, in my opinion, is the Kloof SPCA. I love it particularly because there is a whole separate shop for toys. The lovely 92 year old Lorraine, who runs the toy shop, knows what I like and regularly points me to the new vintage items that have come in.

The grounds are so peaceful and every time I go there I say a little thank you for eccentric rich old men, one named Skit Field in particular...

It seems "the bloody snobs around here" are complaining again!

On my wanderings through the little shops, the volunteers were a twitter with the news of a nasty article in the Kloof Highway Mail, in which the SPCA was criticized for looking like a shanty town.

Now I have not read the article because I cant get my hands on that particular copy of the paper, but I wonder to myself, are there not more pressing issues to report on?
Also, do the aesthetics of this one reporter really warrant a newspaper article? I personally love the old farmhouse style of the place.
Aesthetics aside though, the amazing work that this institution does in the community should be supported and praised in every way possible rather than undermined.

Why don't those of you who live in the greater Durban region go up there tomorrow and show your support for this amazing branch of the SPCA? You can have tea and scones at Marilyn's Tea-house while the children play on the Jungle gym, and then you might want to scratch around for a treasure or two. I found these little gems this morning.

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  1. Out damn snobs! Shanty town... what next? I adore the tea house with the stoep, my goodness what I would give to have a home like that! Love your finds too Bron, I wish I was there to have had a mooch around with you x