Wednesday 7 November 2012

My Work

Portraits of Darren and I
I am a painter by trade. I studied Fine Art and have been lecturing and practicing in the arts for years.
My work is created using a process of layering white gesso on top of black gesso to create a controlled surface in which the dark layer sits just beneath a thin, light skin and thereby alludes to a metaphorical weight beneath the surface of things. I create my images by sanding  / etching through the top layers to reveal the darkness beneath. I love working with portraiture, especially portraits of people close to me. In 2008 I had a show entitled Home Is Where The Heart Is which consisted entirely of portraits. Here are a few examples from that show. 

Rejoice, Tom and Alistair

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  1. Hi Bronwen, please let me know how i can get my hands on a set of those swallows in white? Tried smsing you twice- my email is