Thursday 15 November 2012

Local is Lovely: Samantha Vincent

Sam and I have been friends for years and have also worked at the DUT Department of Fine Art and Jewelry Design together. Her work is absolutely stunning. One day soon she will have an exhibition and show the world her wonders, but for now you can peek at them through her blog. There are so many of her pieces I want to show you, but the most heart wrenching of all, are those from her W/hole Hearts series. I cant explain the dedication it must have taken to make this series, please go and have a look yourselves. This is a snippet of what she says about them. 

"So these are the hearts enameled all 26.The process: I hand wrote names on the copper plate, on each heart names are written starting from a-z. The names where possible are of people I actually know those who have been a part of the process of my life...which is the intention of this work, a reference to people who leave wholes or holes in your heart...all of whom should be acknowledged. The reason for hand writing the names was because these are a reference to my life; my hand writing connects the names to me. The enamel is not perfect in fact, I have tried to have imperfections. I torched fired each heart over lapping colours, leaving the copper oxidized ..the colour I chose are in the range of bruise hues... Now to make brooches"

Basically she has made 26 enameled hearts with the names of loved ones on them but, and here is the clincher, on the reverse side (which nobody sees) is a little memento to the particular person, which often can be removed and worn as a separate pin. 

And, as if that weren't enough on its own, have a look at her Bird House Brooch, Bell-erinas, Bunny Brooch Book and her Bird-Bath Brooch. 


  1. So much of the beautiful!! Love the story and thought and craft behind each piece. Sam, you are very clever and lovely!