Friday 9 November 2012

What ONCE Is All About - Up-Cycled Craft

I am an addicted collector of vintage children's books, however, sometimes I find books that cannot be salvaged and re-loved, but they also cannot be left there to rot so I bring them home and try to breathe last life into these beautiful items. I always use the actual item and not a scanned copy of the page as there is something so special about the print quality, paper stock and aging marks of the original page. Here are some of the things I have made from these books that will be on sale through ONCE.

Sewn collages using found objects and vintage illustrations
Large fridge magnets made from vintage paperback covers
Lucky packets and party favours


  1. Love all your work, love your philosophy of up-cycling and breathing new life into beautiful things instead of them ending up on a tip somewhere.

  2. What a beautiful collaboration between you and Darren. I'll be adding your gorgeous items to my wishlist...