Tuesday 27 November 2012

It Just Takes the Biscuit!

Darren and I are obsessed with old biscuit tins. I especially love the sides of them! Here are some pics of the loot we picked up at Independent Traders.


  1. Oooh treasures, love the look of Independent traders, it's such a thrill to find an Aladdins cave of heavenliness x

  2. Ah! I had the very same tin, the last girly with the cat! You are lucky, so hard to find tins in London compared to in SA>

  3. Ellomennopee, it is quite hard to find these tins in SA now too, which is why we were so over the moon with this place. Usually we would be lucky to find one. If I ever find another one like the one you had I will post it to you I promise.