Thursday 28 March 2013

A Few Thank Yous

My friends say that when they read the blog it all sounds perfect and lovely and we seem terribly happy. But it is not. We have had such a traumatic six months. Since the death of Darren's brother in the suicide bombing in September of last year our family has been upside down and inside out. The trauma and aftermath was eaten by the packing and moving and unpacking and sorting out our life here. We have sold up everything and have moved to a beautiful, yet very foreign, country. In my true style I have just kept obsessively busy (and there has been lots to do so it has been easy). But now that things are a little more settled the cracks are showing and we are all falling apart a bit. I have decided to try and take things a little easier and spend a few days not sorting out shop stuff or painting or tidying or anything that does not involve napping and playing with my kids. Little Kian has been hardest hit and is developing some quite worrying OCD behavioral tendencies (I wonder who that comes from).

So now I will NOT do as Anna Garforth suggests.

Kian has been asking me to bake biscuits with him since we arrived. His favourite is shortbread. Now usually baking puts me in a terrible mood and the "together" activity is not always positive. Today I decided to take it really slowly. We rested in between all of the stages and we had the joy of using the Miffy cookie cutters that my friend Sam bought me for Christmas. We did it! We had a fun afternoon making biscuits and I did not get frustrated once. I decided to give a few to our neighbour who has been very kind to us and some to my sweet sister who is unfailing in her support.

It seems sad that these little biscuits are the first things that I have made with my hands for over four months.


  1. My beautiful friend, this has made me love you more. You have all been through so much, its really important to sometimes just be. Nothing more nothing less. Sending huge hugs and waves of love to each and every one of you xxxx
    please emai lme you new address Bron x

  2. Stay focused-on family and all that makes you happy! Your blog has continued to excite and inspire me. I am going for an LSD trip to Switzerland in July.- and might very well be in your position within 2yrs. Life is a journey!

  3. Think you guys are amazing, how you have coped with everything I just don't know...your honesty shows us it hasn't & isn't as easy as you make it out to be....stay strong, no doubt with time things will get easier.
    Let the biscuits be the start of more creating