Monday 25 March 2013

My People

I know there are many who don't think so, but when you are far far away from all of the people you love, FACEBOOK rocks! 

In the wee hours of the morning I posted this: "Some days I just want to go home."
And this is what I woke up to:

G: That's normal Bronweena... you will always miss SA.. even after 28 years I still do... xxx
R: Yeah, what G said. If it helps, I skeem rather come 'home' to a park, a swing, and a bottle of wine and some show tunes. It's an introduction to more, really...
G: R's right... do that.. you will be a hot hobo x
RS: Many days we wish you would.
R: Other days, I just wanna run away to Aus with you. Can I sleep in the kitchen again? (I won't mainline "Boatman's Call, I promise. Am also good with kids. You know this. Good Hobbit...)
S: Teleporter urgently required.
R: I also want one
G: Well they teleport molecules now.. in fifty years they'll teleport bodies... sadly I'm older and will be dead by then
R: Ooh, can we choose the best molecules?
G: Yes you can... because you're also old R and will be dead..
H: in 50 years I will be 92. They can teleport my liver to uranus, and my heart to somewhere with aloes.
G: H, we're trying for whole body teleporting here.. not just body parts
H: shucks.
M: Remember the swim with all of you in the water together. one swim at a time, xxx
ME: I love you guys - you make me laugh when I am trying, so self piteously, to be miserable!

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