Friday 1 March 2013

It Is The Little Things

I know I have been bitching and moaning for ages now, but I am thoroughly sick of not having a home with our own stuff around us. Since early December we have been wandering nomads living in different locations, in other people's houses. Now, we finally have a house, and the customs department have detained our belongings for longer than it took for them to sail around the world.
In an attempt to make the place look more like home, today I stuck up and displayed some of the little treasures we have found since we have been here.
Origami bird decal on the kitchen window 
Vintage plastic unicorn on the bathroom window sill
Rain-cloud and song bird in my studio window
Removable decals on the boys bedroom doors
My beautiful vintage biscuit tin on a kitchen shelf
I must say these little things do make me feel better about the echo-ey rooms.


  1. shame-so frustrating-sure all will be sorted soon

  2. So sorry B, LOVE that unicorn with a passion!

  3. sooo pretty
    and im a Palmer that lived in Huntley road