Sunday 3 March 2013

Art That Has Been Let Out Into The World

We set out yesterday for the city to take the boys to the aquarium. The trip was a disaster and we didn't get to the aquarium, but we did get to see this great suspended anchor. I love it when the city takes me by surprise. I love public art, street art and some graffiti art. I know they all sit in different hierarchies in the art world, but I am lumping them all together in this post. Also, because I am rather tired, I hope you will excuse me not referencing their original sources. However they are all on a Pinterest board I created and if you click on the images you will be taken to the source from which I pinned them.


  1. I LOVE those xxMand

  2. Sometimes I just ignore the description of the paintings and I just keep on staring at your art works. It's so fabulous and I am very amaze on your talented hands and wonderful art ideas!

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