Friday 22 March 2013

My Studio

The studio was the last room I did. I love the space, it's a great mixture between warm and homely and functional and messable. I am glad I photographed it yesterday because it is full of boxes again today. Now that the house is sorted out we have to start on the boxes and boxes of vintage goodies I have been collecting for our online shop. There is so much to go through, clean and photograph it will take a while but when I was unpacking today I got all excited to see the treasures I found along the way back in SA.

The Tretchikoff "Chinese Girl" copy was Darren's Xmas gift to me. It was done by my friend Pascale Chandler and I completely love it, especially above this wee 50's couch we bought as a prop for Darren's photography business. That part of the pic was taken in the dining room, but the "End is inevitable" painting and Protea is in my studio.  


  1. Your home and studio are a true testament to yours and Darren's impeccable style Bron, love that you are feeling a little more settled now x

  2. Glad you guys are settling in, your home & studio look beaut x

  3. hi bronwen...your place is looking great. how lucky you are to have your own cave to play/work in. cant wait to see what appears in your store x