Monday 8 April 2013

Finding and Keeping 3

Looking through the pics I took at the Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne on Saturday, there were just too many beautiful things on offer, so I have had to be selective in this last post and squeeze in as many lovelies as possible. I will start with Lightly, and the dear little cloud I bought from them. Among many other things this company offers, unique cut out plaques made from vintage china wear.

Just across the passage from Lightly was a little spot called Record Attempts. I so wish I was flush with cash because I would absolutely have bought the bokkie.

I almost missed Cat Rabbit because my brain was saturated, but out the corner of my eye I thankfully spotted their beautifully, beautifully (should I say it again?) crafted wares. These guys are bigger than I thought they would be, I had done a post on them before but it was wonderful to see them in real life.

Another absolute favourite of mine that I almost missed was A Skulk Of Foxes. Once again, had to restrain my self here but I did buy a pair of wee fox earrings as a gift for a friend.

Then all of a sudden, just as I was waning a bit, there was a burst of colour in the form of a stall by The Crafty Squirrel. I love me a beautifully presented stall and this one really was. I also really dig that even the Russian Dolls in Australia are marsupials!

The rainbow of colour continued on my path out of the market. These amazing creations by Keep Resin were sure bright as were the beautiful one twig vases by Stampel.

Gaye Abandon's felt creations and Madeleine Stamer's folklore inspired cut outs were a lovely way to exit the building. Until October.....

What a fabulous job everyone, so much work and organisation must go into this market, but from just one of the hundreds of visitors - thank you.


  1. What lovely posts, I have really enjoyed reading them and will definitely attend the October market.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Bronwen!