Monday 1 April 2013

Portraits (Children)

I love portraiture. When an artist gets it right the work goes way beyond the individual portrayed, and into a strange universality of being. For me a good portrait can make one feel less lonely - somehow connected to another person and their history. I have been collecting images of portraits that resonate with me and want to do a series of posts featuring these artists. Today I have gathered together portraits of children. I think portraits of children are perhaps the most difficult as there is always the danger of "cute", but when done well, they can recall whole childhoods.

This little one is a portrait I did for a piece entitled "Blue-Prints For Paranoid Living". I am not sure it belongs here with these other beauties, but it is one of only a few portraits of children that I have attempted. 


  1. amazing! and yes yours def belongs here with them. x

  2. Children's portraits capture the essence of innocence and wonder. Is Core Intel Each image tells a unique story, preserving fleeting moments of youth.