Monday 15 April 2013

Holidays' End / Educating The Hicks

While it's been fun, I am so glad the holidays are over! There has been a LOT of quality time with the children this year and I am slightly over it now (only slightly mind). During the Easter break we tried to educate our little 'hicks'. We took them to see the city. We took them to see art. We took them to see history. Here are our adventures in visual form.

The City
Art Gallery 1
Art Gallery 2
Kian got wet at the water falling wall, climbed on a piece of contemporary art and said his favourite art work was the little one of the grumpy old man. Leith made echos in all of the rooms and said his favourite artwork was the shiny gold one. Art Education tick!

The Museum
Wow, what a beautiful place! Leith said it was way better than the art gallery, and at times I tended to agree. The displays were so beautifully constructed and laid out AND were all child friendly and frankly much more contemporary than the art Kian climbed on.

There was a forest in the museum, which we had to leave because Darren discovered that certain species of the Huntsman spider hunted in packs of a hundred or more.

There was a section focusing on the human body, unfortunately there were some crazy mirrors at the entrance to this section so the boys did not learn much about the body.

I took pictures of the pretty shadows
Next up were dinosaurs and fossils and such.

Darren tried to educate the boys
I took pictures of the pretty shadows
Onward to the insects, Darren was uncertain of going in after the spiders in the forest.

But how can you not go in when it all looks so beautiful AND there are categorization displays - stunning ones! 

Did I mention how much I love this kind of archiving? 
I think Darren tried to educate the boys - not sure it worked.

On wards and upwards I say. To the most stunning room I have ever seen. All these animals and so beautifully curated. There are screens in front of each display section where you can click on an animal and it brings up a 3D model of it and gives you information about it. So child friendly - all touch screen ("touch" being a gentle word for what most of the kids were doing in there).

We had a whale of a time, not sure the boys are any more educated, or less "hick" than when they started but we gave it our best shot. HAPPY TERM 2.


  1. My goodness, a city full of treasures Bron, how wonderful x

  2. Wow, that is a fantastic museum! I would spend days in it. Wonderful posts guys. Love seeing what you are up to,and sharing all the beautiful things. Love your cushions xxx