Saturday 6 April 2013

Finding and Keeping

Oh my goodness, I finally got to the Finders Keepers Market, after about two years of wanting to go. This morning was a beautiful morning and I set out on my very own - no kids, no Darren - just me and the train and the market! It was held at the Royal Exhibition Building, which in itself is really stunning. I was overwhelmed by the gorgeousness of it all and it will take a few days to post about all the lovely things I saw. I am starting with a few of the stalls which were kind of vintage in theme, merely because I couldn't choose where else to start.

This is where the market was held.
The first stall I stopped at was Tick Tock Type. They do beautiful things with old typewriter keys. I bought a little pressie for a friend and one for myself.

Mid way through the market I came across Frankie Magazine's vintage section and the Frankie stall itself. In the vintage section there was a wee shop called Little Flea that had absolute beauties on offer as well as really stunning stall display. I bought some of the old pricing tags shown above.

Further down I came across Juke Case By Son Valise. I had seen some of their audio reinventions before, but I had a chance to have a good look and listen (their sound is perfect). I really really want one, they are so beautiful, so functional and so utterly cool.

I also really enjoyed a little store called Rebound, featuring note books re-purposed from vintage children's books.

Last for today, but definitely not least, was a stall called Two Layers Of Cells. They make one-off light boxes, often using old metal cabinet drawers as the box itself. So beautiful.

Thanks everyone for making such lovely things. I am tired now, more tomorrow. xxx


  1. Much of jealous! So many beautiful things!

  2. Sounds like a delicious day out Bron, time to yourself to enjoy all these treasures. Are you thinking of have a stall of your own? Not sure what prices are to hire. Look forward to the next post.

  3. oops typo, I meant "having" and not have

  4. Your work would sell so well there, looks amazing