Wednesday 23 January 2013

All Change

Well this is my first post from the new land. I feel completely bombarded by emotions to tell the truth. Part of me feels (to paraphrase Withnail) "we seem to have moved countries by mistake". And the other part of me is going "Whoo Hoo" so much excitement. Here are three things I did and felt on my first day.

1) I bought a copy of Frankie Magazine. Yes!

2) I thought about all the people I know and love back home with the greatest of longing.

Installation by Robert Montgomery at the De La Warr Pavillion
3) We had lunch with my family (my wondrous mum and dad, my beautiful, kind sister Karen, her winner husband Glen and the little egg, Eloise). This was magic and made all of my fears of change take a back seat for a while, because these are my family. The boys have a new half sister in their lives and and she will make their world fuller and they hers. Sorry about the bad pic - but the first bubble bath together absolutely must be recorded, no?

I will now try to sleep because it is 3.15am and unless I want to be permanently nocturnal I will have to try to  make this night time, my night time.

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