Monday 28 January 2013

Second-Hand Haven

Yesterday we took a break from the forms and chaos of trying to set up a life and went to a place called Waverley Antiques. It is a large warehouse in a fairly industrial part of town that has hundreds of separate vintage stalls. Almost like an indoor permanent flea-market. Each little nook is rented on a monthly basis and is set up like a teeny tiny shop. There is one central pay point, which means that stall holders do not sit in their stalls, they just pop in occasionally during the month to make sure their stall is looking nice. I am not sure it would work in SA due to shoplifting (there are only three people manning the whole place and it is as big as an airport hanger). There was a bit of junk but generally there were some beautiful pieces. Of course Darren found three biscuit tins to add to his collection. The prices are fairly reasonable (much more so than buying a can of coke or a box of smokes!). We may in the future consider having a stall there, however we really need to focus on the on-line shop first. I am so itching to start, but I suppose opening a bank account, finding a car and a place to live comes first, so I just have to be patient.
We have previously been to a few of these kind of warehouses in Tyabb, but they are much further out from Melbourne centre, and if I remember correctly a bit more expensive too.

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