Wednesday 30 January 2013

Forms Of One Kind And Another

I have been filling out LOTS of forms. Forms for bank accounts. Forms for schools. Forms for medicare / travel / centerlink / lease agreements..... just a whole lot of horrible forms. Forms with spaces that are too short to write information that is too long. Forms with check boxes for everything but the thing I want to check. Forms that ask for bits of information that you have not got yet and so have to fill out additional forms in order to get. AAARGH! However, I have Xanax and my sister Karen, who does not seemed phased by forms. Either she has been living in Aus for so long that she is used to forms, or maybe she is just a calmer, more adult person than me. Anyway, I digress, this post is actually about much nicer forms than the ones I have been describing.
On Sunday, while my lovely Karen was helping me fill out forms, Darren took the boys to see the annual Frankston Sand Sculptures. Every year they have an exhibition of pieces by sand sculptors who are asked to create work within a certain theme. This year the theme was Under The Sea. Other years have featured dinosaurs, toys, and creepy crawlies.
The boys don't look very happy or enthralled in the pic but Darren reassures me they had a marvellous time.

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  1. wow - I think you must enter next year Bon! xxMand