Saturday 26 January 2013

Thrift Shopping 1

I know I said I would post some of my thrifty finds yesterday, but time she slips away. Especially when one is trying to: buy a car, look at houses to rent, set up medical and schooling benefits cards, open a bank account, buy new cell phones and figure out how they work (those of you who know me, will know how traumatic this one is), make slow roast lamb for our late family Xmas, paint a little wooden doll house I found in a thrift / op shop for Eloise for our family Xmas, get into vaguely the right sleeping patterns, change the adapters / plugs on all our electronics and entertain two little boys who have been on holiday for FAR TOO LONG!
I am astounded I even got to a thrift shop or two. But I did - of course I did! Here are some pics of little gems I found in the kitchen wares and fabric departments. They will all soon join the goodies in our boxes of vintage treasures that, when our ship comes in (literally not figuratively as that might take a little longer), will  be for sale in our ONCE shop.

vintage tea towels and a fab circular table cloth
a pristine set of 6 applique place mats with matching serviettes and a beautiful Johnson Ware plate
grand granny print fabric and the most 70's of crocheted tray cloths