Wednesday 30 January 2013

Leith's First Day At His New School

Here are some pics we took this morning before Leith set off to his first day at Kunyung Primary. My boys are so Kooky. Leith takes photographs so seriously (as if an author posing for his debut novel pic), Kian is just all cheese. Don't you just love the Canadian Mountie hat?

He set off with fierce independence today, refusing our offer of seeing him to his classroom, despite the fact that all the other kids' parents were taking them down and they had attended the school for a few years. He emerged this afternoon as happy as could be, declaring it was the best school in the world. He even described his Physical Education lesson as "almost as much fun as a play-date with William" which is so odd for Leith because 1) he hates sport and 2) nothing comes close to the fun of a Leith/William play-date. When asked what sport he had played in the lesson he described something which sounded like rounders, but could just as easily have been soccer - he said there was a ball and running and points. The Murrays - last of the great sporting families! Anyway, I was so happy for him because he loves learning and this little place seems so perfect for him. It even has beautiful sea views!


  1. Well done Leith, you are truly amazing!

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  3. Here are a few pics we took toward the beginning of today before Leith set out to his first day at Kunyung Primary. My young men are so Kooky. Leith approaches photos so in a serious way (as though a creator posturing for his presentation novel pic), Kian is only all cheddar.