Thursday 24 January 2013

Public Messages

Not being very good with words myself, I so admire artists who construct artworks using words. I think this is more difficult than it seems. Words strung together in the wrong order can be twee. I think Jenny Holzer is a genius. This is what says about her:
"In 1979, Jenny Holzer began posting random aphorisms and broadsides bearing cryptic messages all over New York City. Since then she has employed language as her creative practice. She uses a tone of anonymous authority that forces readers to stop, question the declarations and subsequently decide whether they concur or disagree. "I started the work as a parody, like the Great Ideas of the Western World in a nutshell," to make "big issues in culture intelligible as public art."
While Holzer started with street posters in New York City, she has since expanded her work onto LED signs, posters, benches, plaques and even the web (Please Change Beliefs). Merging an advertising reality with the 'art world, Holzer has gained popular success and her thoughts have been printed on t-shirts, pencils, and license plates. Whether it be in a museum on a street corner, Holzer controls her audience -- making them look and judge."

Robert Montgomery (pic from yesterday's post) is another word artist I like.

It is very odd being in a "first world country" people have a lot and discard a lot. Tomorrow, when it is light, I will photograph the discarded things I found today in an Op Shop (charity shop). 

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  1. Hello my lovely
    I am loving that I can watch you for afar... I don't think we were in Bexhill when Robert Montgomery exhibited at the De La Warr. Pity, I too admire clever use of words for I am rather pathetic when it comes to stringing original words together.
    Look forward to seeing the discardings of downunder x