Tuesday 29 January 2013

Our House (Any House) In The Middle Of Our Street (Any Street)

Oh my goodness looking for houses to rent / let is difficult. Mostly because if we were quite poor in SA we are V poor here after dividing our SA Rands by ten. My sweet sister has got Leith and Kian into good schools, in good areas i.e. far away from anything we could afford. But there is this place called Frankston. If you say the word Frankston here in Melbourne, people look at you funny and raise their voices and speak slower, as if there really was something wrong with you for even mentioning the place. Frankston has a bit of a bad rap, people think it is dodgy. But then again dodgy here is v different to dodgy back home and there is a nice little pocket of Frankston with old, quaint weather board houses that have wooden floors. There is one in particular I love love love. It's like half the size of our house in Durban, but it is us - no horrendous carpets and badly renovated kitchens. The very best thing about it is, out the back there is a lovely studio space in which I could hide. It might be difficult to rent anything, seeing that we don't really exist yet and landlords generally prefer real people to ghost immigrants, but please hold thumbs that we get it because it would make me so happy. What do you guys think?
The back
The lounge looking into a strange series of rooms divided by sliding doors which we would make the boys bedrooms and playroom.
A wee kitchen and small breakfast nook space.


  1. I think its perfect Bronwen and Darren, a space I think you could definitely call home. I love the look of it from the back, a good spot to make your own. Fingers crossed for you sweet friends, its wonderful that you can be brave with your beautiful family there for you x

  2. ps. A crochet blanket needs to adorn your new home me thinks :o)

    1. my love that would be beautiful! If you have not already got the wool can I change the colours to blues and grays with perhaps a teeny bit of yellow / red?

    2. I haven't got the wool yet so this is even better having a choice that you prefer. Thinking of you all so much at the moment x

  3. Looks beaut, holding thumbs it all works out x

  4. most important is that you love it - and can see why. great place. not messed with. hope you get it!