Sunday 27 January 2013

Thrift Shopping 3 and Bettie Page Dresses

I found this absolutely stunning vintage curtain in an op shop the other day. It is very hardy fabric and it is huge. I bought it because I thought I could use it to cover an old armchair for our new home, but at the checkout this lovely girl behind the till suggested I make a Bettie Page like dress from the fabric. Now I have many beautiful 1950's dress patterns on the ship over here so I might well sell the fabric with one of these patterns for a retro loving seamstress to make up.

The dresses shown above come from a shop called ModCloth. My fabric is shown in the middle and is only a tiny detail from the large piece of cloth. Because the fabric is so thick and hardy it would hold the flare of the fifties dresses beautifully without having to wear the numerous petticoats that one usually has to in order to hold the shape of the dress.

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